Grant for Kommersialisering

29/04/2022. Innovation Norway has again chosen to award Sine Delta with a significant grant for Kommersialisering (Commercialisation).

The focus of this stage in the road map is to further develop the hypotheses set out in last year to learn and strengthen the commercial strategy, planning of the company’s route to secure its intellectual property rights & develop further the technological advancement of the Collectricity® product. 

This is an important milestone for Sine Delta that increases the momentum of the company bringing Sine Delta even further than before to achieving its goals! This grant showing support from Innovation Norway shows a deeper belief in Sine Delta and the positive impact Collectricity® will have on the renewable energy sector.


Frequencly Asked Questions

Sine Delta’s bladeless wind turbine Collectricity® is a revolutionary & patented technology. It offers unparalleled efficiency, minimal environmental impact, reduced noise levels, and lower maintenance costs compared to traditional wind turbines. Our technology is innovative, space-saving, and adaptable to various wind conditions, ensuring optimal energy production.

Our technology is also environmentally friendly and cost-effective, making it a game-changer in the renewable energy sector.

More about the technology you can find here.

Sine Delta’s bladeless wind turbine is engineered to perform efficiently across a wide range of wind speeds. Our technology has been optimized to capture wind energy effectively, whether it’s low, moderate, or high wind speeds.
This adaptability ensures consistent energy production in various wind conditions.

Our technology undergoes rigorous testing and quality control to ensure reliability. We also offer comprehensive maintenance and support services, ensuring optimal performance throughout the lifespan of the wind turbines.

Yes, our technology can be tailored to meet the energy needs of various industries, including wind and energy parks, construction, and island communities. We collaborate closely with partners to provide solutions that align with their specific requirements.

Yes, Collectricity® can seamlessly integrate with existing energy infrastructures and grids. Our team works closely with clients to customize solutions that ensure smooth integration, grid compatibility, and optimal energy distribution within the desired network.

Sine Delta provides comprehensive support and maintenance services post-installation. This includes regular performance monitoring, troubleshooting, upgrades as needed, and proactive maintenance to ensure the optimal and efficient operation of the bladeless wind turbines throughout their lifecycle.

Our bladeless wind turbine Collectricity® reduce carbon emissions and minimize the environmental impact of energy generation. The sleek, compact design and noise reduction features ensure seamless integration into landscapes. It is designed with sustainability in mind, using eco-friendly, recycled materials and causing less disruption to natural landscapes.

Absolutely. Join us on our Social Media and be a part of the positive change we are creating in the world!

If you want to be involved and make difference in sustainable renewable energy market don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re always looking for bright, driven individuals to collaborate with us in creating cutting-edge, environmentally friendly solutions.

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