Sine Delta

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Origins of Sine Delta

The Sine Delta brand has been established through a great deal of thought and research, using our founders’ extensive set of skills from over two decades of engineering experience.

The company name comes from two separate parts,
part one being the word “Sine” and part two “Delta”.


The details surrounding the word “Sine” comes from the nature of the company’s first product Collectricity® the product is used in power generation with electronics and the movement principles used to obtain energy. The energy stored in wind is converted using Collectricity® and arrives in the form of alternating current (AC) this is the on/off sequence that happens with in the electronics because of the movement back/forth, when charted out gives a Sine Wave form.

This is then the most prominent part of the company name within the logo.


Part two of the company name comes from two key disciplines in the engineering field, that being mathematics & physics. The use of the Greek letter Δ “Delta” which is used as a meaning for change. The use of change is analogous to the change that happens as part of the working principles, and conditions of Collectricity® these being:

  1. Change in wind speed.
  2. Change in energy output.


Additionally, to this the meaning of the word change is at the heart of the company, with a change in the way energy production is thought about, and a change from the method energy production is done with in renewable energy.

These facts are brought together produced the company name and brand of Sine Delta. An additional feature has been added to the logo, to further enhance the company brand, and this was a Sine wave as a graphical representation of the company and its first product Collectricity®.

Sine wave

As illustrated it begins small and increases over time, which represents several key parts about the company these are:

1. The origin of a startup comes from zero – The starting point on the graph at the zero line.

2. Early phase growth begins and rises above the zero line.

3. Below the zero line, are the opportunities for new learning, and development work as a foundation for the next period of growth to happen, rising back above the zero line, this continues as a company evolves.

4. It is representative of the change in wind speeds over time.

5. It is representative of the change in energy output overtime.

6. The peaks of the graph above the zero line represent revenue growth over time & the peaks under the zero line on the chart is representative of the investment into development of the product and business over time.

The founder took inspiration for Sine Delta and the product Collectricity® from the well-known scientist and mathematician Nikola Tesla, and his inspiring words.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration

These words take proud place on our website.

Company Core Values

Create something new, new methods, new thinking, new approach.

/Dare to be different/ is the first value and support pillar for values /Innovative/ & /Sustainable/ that sets the tone for the thinking process with in the company, this is reflected through the company’s first product Collectricity® by looking at the core problem “Production methods of renewable energy” and all the associated negativities surrounding the use of wind turbine technologies by “daring to be different” an approach of returning to first principles, analysing the current issues with wind technology along with employing out of the box thinking several solutions were achieved to find that special “alternative method of renewable energy production”.

Dare to be different

We create smarter and simpler solutions to meet the industry needs. We combine technology, expertise, assets, and partnerships to deliver projects in new ways.

/Innovative/ is Sine Delta’s second value, together with /Dare to be different/ allows for new innovation and supports creativity, the products that come from Sine Delta are innovations as the purpose of the company is to be a technology company as stated in the company vision statement, to achieve this at Sine Delta a combination of technology, expertise, assets, and partnerships are brought together to deliver products and projects in innovative ways.


We take a proactive approach towards our social responsibilities, mitigate the impact of our activities on our environment and respond to the effects of climate change.

/Sustainable/ is the third value of Sine Delta that has interconnectivity with the /Innovative/ as there are no reasons why innovation can’t be sustainable. This thought of the environment and sustainability through material choices and production processes is the way that Collectricity® was designed.


We work closely and openly together with Clients, partners, and suppliers at a local and global level to deliver safe and stronger results for all.

/Collaboration/ is number four and a support pillar for /Innovative/ & /Sustainable/ this comes in several forms from engagement with clients, partners, & suppliers at a local and global level ensuring that open and clear communication is delivered internally as well as externally to Sine Delta.